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Transformative support for families and educators

Do you want to .....

Cultivate a relationship of mutual respect, deep connection, and joy among the members of your family?

Understand why your child struggles with certain aspects of life, and find out how to better support them?

Consciously communicate, share a vision and feel connected in your partnership or co-parenting relationship?

Uncover the subconscious blockages that keep you from patiently, lovingly and confidently parenting your child?

Illuminate the intersection between personal growth and parenting so that your children can benefit from the highest version of YOU?

Feel genuinely playful and confident in your interactions with children?

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What do I do?

My name is Courtney, and my calling is to support people to understand the potency of childhood, and utilize their journey as a parent or teacher to awaken themselves, and their children into who we all truly are: loving, secure, and playful beings with exponential creative potential. I believe that each child is perfectly matched with their parents, and we have an opportunity as a family to thrive in our lives together. This thriving family is what our children know in their hearts, and exactly where we can end up when we untie all the knots keeping us from ease, play and love in our everyday lives. 

I work 1:1 or 2:1 with couples, children, co-parents, solo parents, teachers, and extended family members to uncover your unique vision for your family or classroom, find out what is getting in the way of attaining that vision, and develop concrete tools to work toward your vision.

I utilize various strategies  to support your family or classroom's highest potential: compassionate communication, self-growth, respectful/responsive/intuitive/conscious parenting, mindfulness and mindset tools

We meet virtually from anywhere in the world, or in-person in Northern Vermont, Central Vermont, or Southern Maine. I often meet with people on nights or weekends as that seems to work for my family life and yours!

What does the support entail?

We begin with a 20 minute phone call to decide if your vision for your family or teaching practice, along with my approach to family and teacher coaching are in alignment. 

If we choose to work together, we will move forward in one of the following ways:

Afterwards, you may feel complete in our work together or choose to continue our work by scheduling more sessions. You have the option to book sessions for additional family members. If you choose to have me work with your child, we will book the session in person so that the child and I can process their reality and practice new tools through play. 

Your Support Person

I am a mother of a two-year old, a co-parent with a dear friend and past partner, an elementary school teacher, a lover of progressive education, a child of a family with many beautiful and whirly dynamics, and a seeker of truth. I have worked with families, teachers and children for over 15 years in the roles of nanny, teacher, friend and coach. I am increasingly enamored with the openness and wisdom of childhood as I witness the children in my life.

I am here with you in curiosity, and next to you in your growth. In our work together, we will arrive at meaningful questions, and develop an openness to allow the children, our world's most insightful beings, to show us what they need. We will build our capacity to decipher what your child's behavior is communicating, and dance with various tools to connect with them, and support them to find their way back to balance. We will also work to uncover the ways in which you are ready to expand, grow and let go so that you can show up in your fullness for yourself and your family. 

When I am creating relationships with children and families, I want to understand their innate essence: what are their hearts yearning for, what kind of environment is best for their unique make-ups, how can others support them to thrive as exactly who they are meant to be? 

I am fascinated by the profound effect of a family on the wellbeing of each child. I understand the word "family" to include all the people who are involved in the caring and raising of a child as they grow. This may include extended family members, parents from different households, teachers, children from different households, and more. I would love to be a supporting member of your family so that you each may live the lives that you know in your hearts.

Email me to set up a 20 minute curiosity call.

Let's explore the potential of our work together!